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Portrait Q&A| Windham, New Hampshire | Southern NH

Welcome to my blog! I’ve been debating what should be my first post and I decided that answering all of the Facebook questions would be the most fun. Living without a blog this past year, Facebook has become my best way of communicating with everyone, so a few weeks ago I asked what everyone would want to know in the “about me” section of my new site. The “about me” is always the hardest for me! I take pictures not write words, so writing about myself is even harder! I got so many awesome questions and I didn’t want to leave any out, so each week I’ll be answering a few questions. Let’s call it #texttuesday

Christine-What makes a photo session most challenging for you? Do you enjoying getting pictures taken as much as you enjoy taking them of others?
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-hmmmm, I would say parents! I know when we get our family portraits it is so hard for me not to jump in, tell my son not to run, tell him to smile “normal”, give him a snack, etc. but I know that those things can totally interfere! The best pictures are when I can really connect with the child I’m photographing and the best way for that to happen is for parents to take a back seat and let me turn the fake smiles into real laughs, capture the kids running and being fun & happy and not let them feel the stress that parents can sometimes feel about getting the perfect picture.
-Yes! I love getting my picture taken (not alone, that’s weird for everyone!). I love pictures of me with my family, friends, husband etc. I always feel like it didn’t happen if there isn’t a picture!

Jessica-How do you decide on your outdoor locations for mini sessions? How long will it take to see our completed gallery after our session with you? Can’t wait to check out the new blog!
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—I try to pick locations that have a variety of “looks”, lots of shade and not a lot of people! The best time of day for a portrait is an hour before sunset, but for mini-sessions I’m there all day so it needs to have shade because midday sun is NOT pretty!! Spots aren’t too easy to find so I have my favorites!! I love photographing at my parents lake house in Derry, Searles Castle in Windahm AND MY NEW STUDIO!
—Galleries usually take about 2-3 weeks. I prefer in studio ordering appointments because they are so much better than looking at tiny watermarked images! I love being able to make suggestions of what will look best and show off all the amazing products and you won’t have to wait as long to see your pictures!

Kaylie-How did your career path lead you do becoming a photographer? Was it something you always aspired to do? Or was there an influence that led you to this career?
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—I started out in sales, 9-6 at a desk all day and it wasn’t for me! I knew I needed to be creative and I knew I loved pictures. I loved looking at them, imagining them, dissecting them, but not necessarily taking pictures. I honestly went to photography school with no real goals, just wanted to be creative and delay living in the real world!! I liked it, definitely didn’t love it, got out of school and still had no direction. Then I met Keirnan, my mentor, she taught me 100x more than I learned at school! She taught me about being a working mom/wife. She showed me the life I wanted and I made it happen! I am forever thankful to her!!!

Shannon-What are your favorite types of pictures to take? Or what is your photography style? Good luck!
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—When I first started out I loved a great composition/pose, then I started to love finding the “rules” of photography (rule of thirds etc.) and now that I feel like I’ve gotten those down, I love love love good light. I love a happy face, sweet moment, backlit by sunset and pretty colors.
—If I had to describe my style in just a couple words I would hope my images show happiness, connection and truth. I try to get a good posed portrait at every session, but my goal is always to get an emotional image, one that you can tell what that person was feeling!

Thanks for stopping by!! Rebekah
(and because no post is complete without a picture, here are my two boys and their cousins)
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