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Happy Tuesday! Just finished up some awesome spring sessions last weekend and have a week full of babies and a wedding Saturday. I’ll start posting more session sneak peeks starting next week so be sure to check in. For now, Q&A Second Edition:

Brittany-Do you ever get bored of taking pictures?
I used to get bored with poses that I do over and over again so I always try to switch it up a little bit and make it new. The hard part is that the poses I do over and over again, I do because they work and people like them! Now that I know that it is easier to be repetitive b/c to me it’s old, but to my clients it’s new.

Both of these images were taken last fall on the same mini-session day. I gave them the direction of how to sit and then they take it from there. That’s the beauty of kids, they make every pose new!! Did it feel repetitive? Yes. Did they each use this pose on their Christmas Card? Yes! (p.s. I love this pose b/c moms always have the best shoes/boots!)windham nh portrait photographer

Allie-Do you photograph with pets? What’s best to wear? Why did you become a photographer? What inspires you?
-If your pet is part of the family then absolutely! I don’t do just pet photography though. I think it’s cute, but I’m more of a people person.
-I love the what to wear question! I have a ton of suggestions based on what type of shoot and the location. I love when clients send me their outfit ideas beforehand b/c I can see what will photograph well and what won’t. My favorite color scheme is definitely neutrals (gray/tan/cream/soft colors). Black & White don’t photograph well in general and I don’t like matchy/matchy, but that seems to be a thing of the past anyway.
-I just got lucky 😉 And I’ve always just loved looking at pictures! Even if I don’t know the people in the pictures, I just love examining pictures and making up the story in my head! I really didn’t set out with this as my goal, but I’m so thankful everyday this is where I ended up.
-I find inspiration everywhere! I see it at home when I see my husband wrestling with my boys, I see it in GAP commercials, I see it on Pinterest. I’m planning on doing mommy&me mini sessions in the next few weeks and just the other day I saw a quote on Pinterest that said exactly what I want these pictures to say: “You will never be this loved again. So on those days you are feeling stressed out, touched out and depleted, just remember you will never be this loved again. One day you will long for their affection.” What mom doesn’t feel like that? But those aren’t the memories that we take away from childhood!
AND magazines! You should see all the pages I’ve ripped out of Parent’s magazine and catalogs! I have some amazing photographers around the country in a group and their work always inspires me too. I just Instragram-ed a Target Ad that I saw and fell in love with, inspiration is everywhere!
My style of pet photography…

Katie- How do you handle the age where they don’t sit still… My 1 yr old is super wiggy

-I follow them! I like capturing who they really are and if that means following their lead then that’s what I do! I also find that, if I sit them in a chair right away, they don’t know who I am, they are a little out of their comfort zone so they will just sit and stare at me and that’s when I try to make them laugh:)Once they are comfortable the sitting and staring usually stops but that’s when the fun pictures start!
First shots of the day, sitting on the couch. Last shots of the day, running at the camera!
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Meghan- What is your editing style? What are your props?
—I try to keep my editing very clean and timeless. Ordering galleries have the basic edits and final retouching is done on all ordered prints/products. Sometimes I show a couple of images that are more artistically edited for fun!
—I don’t love props, I have some but I don’t use them much. I like people and interaction and timeless images, with props all of those things aren’t the focus! I like images that 20 years from now will make sense. When my son is 30 years old will he want to look back at a picture of me holding him or a picture of him laying in a crate (which I have of my son, and have never even looked at since I purchased it!)
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