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Portrait Q&A Windham New Hampshire 3rd Edition

Brenda-What is the best age during a baby’s first year to schedule a session?
Great question! For sweet pictures showing all the tiny details and perfection of a new baby, newborn (2 weeks or less). For happy, fun and adorable pictures, 6 months or as soon as they can sit independently. No matter what, babies are cute of course, but some ages are more difficult than others! Between 4-16 weeks is the hardest because they aren’t sleepy, baby acne sets in, they don’t focus on the camera/look cross-eyed and there aren’t many options for posing other than in parents arms.
I can use my adorable little niece as an example b/c she I forced her to come in at 4 months for some Christmas pictures. She couldn’t sit, she couldn’t do a “push up”, she definitely wasn’t sleeping so we had one option for pictures of her alone: laying on her back! There are definitely different angles to get of a baby on their back… but not so interesting! Just a couple months later look at what she gave us!

NH Baby PhotographerNH baby photographer

Jacqueline-Do you use props? Prefer Natural light or studio? Have you taken any courses on newborn photography? What age do you prefer to shoot? Do you photo shop?do you specialize in a particular type of photography? How many repeat customers do you have? What are your policy on rescheduling?
-Answered the prop question in last weeks Q&A (very popular question!).
-I LOVE natural light! I only use studio lighting for senior portraits when the yearbook requires it or professional head shots. Studio light can be great, but I just love the look and feel of natural light. It also is a lot easier to make a child feel comfortable by a window, rather than sit them in front of a huge soft box!
-I truly love every age! I love the tiny details of newborns. I LOVE a newly sitting 6 month old. I love a happy one year old exploring the world. I love the attitude and curiosity of 2 year olds. 3 year olds are a world of wonder! 4 to pre-teen is awesome because the kids get into it, tell me what they want, understand my direction! Seniors are awesome because it’s like a mini-fashion shoot!!
-I specialize in people! Landscapes, blah. Still life, blah. Scenery, blah. Put people in any of those situations and I love it!
-You can always reschedule. I have two little kids and my husband and I both own our own businesses so I totally understand life getting in the way!
-Great question! I can’t count so that’s a good thing right!? Overall I would say I see 80% of my clients at least twice, usually more! It’s so nice once we build a friendship and kids get to know me, the sessions get easier and better each year! Check out one of the VVIP at Rebekah Kay Photography below (sorry for the low resolution file, I stole it off my old blog. YIKES! I’ve come a long way, ha!)

Susan-What is your favorite age to photograph and what is your favorite location for a mini session? Can’t wait to read the new blog!
-Answered above
-Favorite mini location is my studio! Inside and outside spots and I know where to go, I know the light and Sophisticakes is right next door! I also love my parents house on the lake in Derry.
nh mini session photographer

Michelle-How is the new studio going and how would you describe the style of it?
-Amazing! Best thing I ever did!! It has helped out my work/family balance in so many ways and allowed me to stay busy during the slow times. I’m in love!!
—The style is always changing! I’m going to post pictures as soon as my new wall is put up so that everyone can see all the work we’ve put in over the year.

Tori-My question is always : location? Price? Times available? & what should we wear..?? Ha
—Location totally depends on time of year, time of day, type of shoot (same answer for price!). For mini-sessions those are set dates and set locations. For a full family portrait we discuss options and figure out what best makes sense for your family. I have some spots I love and some spots I only use b/c I know my clients love them (beach/Boston).
nh beach mini session
I’m also working on what to wear guides to start sending out to all my clients! It’s always the biggest question and SO important!!

Thanks for reading! More answers next week!

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