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This is Katie.
Katie and I have been friends since we were 6 years old, our husbands are good friends, our 4 year olds are BFF, our baby boys will be BFF, we love coffee and margaritas, emojis, gossip and Bravo. We are alike in so many ways… and also complete opposites! Katie’s always been an athlete, something I have never even pretended to be and while I can barely run to my mailbox, Katie is running the Boston Marathon on Monday!
Running the marathon in itself is amazing, but Katie is doing it because someone asked her to, Sydney Corcoran. If you don’t know Sydney, I can’t begin to tell her story so you can learn more about her here Sydney is one of the survivors of last years bombing. She is incredible! Each survivor had a bib number to give to someone to run in their honor, Sydney and her mom Celeste called Katie this winter and asked her to wear Sydney’s bib number. Katie is a full time teacher, wife, mom to two awesome little boys, always dressed to perfection and has an immaculate house, but she would add training for a marathon to her schedule! She’s the definition of Wonder Woman!
Sydney told Katie her theme song over this last year has been Roar by Katy Perry, so obviously that’s #1 on the playlist!
Katie and I were talking the other day about how running a marathon is kind of like a wedding! So much time, energy, effort and planning go into one day, the thought of it is so exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time and just like a wedding you can’t wait for it to get here…and you can’t wait for it to be over so you can finally relax! Well, of course the photographer in me thought, well shouldn’t it be photographed then!? But another difference between us is that I like to stay up very late and she loves to wake up very early and there is no way I’m getting up at 3am on Monday to photograph her getting her feet taped (she has a fractured foot!) so I asked her to let me follow along on her last practice run. Right when I got to her house a UPS package was dropped off, just a little gift from New Balance! She also took the time to write on her “throwaway shirt” so that whoever picks it up can know why she was running. She said “throwaway shirt” like I would know what she meant, and if you aren’t a runner, it’s the shirt you start off with but you take off and throw along the route. Check out her poor little taped up feet!!
Just like a wedding I had to get the detail shots, the shoes, the bling, her children’s initials.2014-04-18_0013
And she’s off…
Because the photographer in me needed a backlit photo, I asked her to run again when she got home! This is the last picture I took that day and look at her! She ran 10 miles like it was nothing, actually made me think for a second, “I could do that” (no I couldn’t!) Just like everything else in Katie’s life, she made it look easy.
2014-04-18_0010b copy
Good Luck on Monday!!!! xoxoxoxoxox

  • Mandy - You are such an inspiration, I love this! Run for all you’ve got girlfriend; run STRONG! Go get ’em and know that like so many others the Blodgett family will also be cheering you on!!! XoxoReplyCancel

  • Colleen Repoli - God Speed. You are a wonderful person. xoxoxo
    Corcoran Strong! Katie Strong! Boston Strong!ReplyCancel

  • Mom - This was a great tribute to a friend-one can never have enough friends, a lot of prople you meyknow but only a few friends will make the cut….ReplyCancel

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