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Portrait Q&A Windham New Hampshire 4th Edition

Amy-What’s the difference between a regular photo session and a mini?
-Mini’s last about 20 minutes, full sessions are about an hour. I’m really loving full sessions, it’s such a better opportunity to capture who your family really is, get the real personalities and show the connection. A mini is too quick to get into the “realness” and there is a sense of urgency because of the specific end time, but with a full session we just keep shooting until we get it all!
These photos were taken in the first 20 minutes (mini-sessions are 20 minutes). Very nice portraits, the bottom one is an all time favorite of mine!
Windham NH Family Photographer
The images below were taken in the last 30 minutes. Doesn’t their personality come out more? Aren’t these images more fun? I just love the feel of the second half of the session. The first part of the session is the “portrait” and the second half is the “storytelling”.
nh family photographerWindham Family Photography

Mary Beth-Is it easier to photograph children ages 5 and under outside or inside? I have a 5,4, and 2yo!
Outside! Not impossible inside, but outside lets them really be free and have fun. Those are the types of pictures every parent wants to remember! We try to get the portrait shot right away, when they are still trying to figure out who I am and what I’m doing. And then I just like to follow their lead (while steering them to the pretty spots!) 5 & 4 are usually great to photograph, they get what’s going on and start to love it. 2 year olds… let’s just say they call the shots! Check out the gallery above to see what I mean.

Michael-How to dress for family shots (how much should you match)? What is your policy if you need to reschedule for a sick child? Do you suggest locations for outdoor photo shoots? Are touch ups included in your pricing? What is the best time of day to shoot outside? Hope these help?
-What to Wear Pinterest Board on the way! I prefer everyone looking like they belong together but not matching, think of a Gap Ad.
(below) I love the way all of these colors go together but don’t look like a uniform.
Windham NH Family Photographer
(below) My favorite is neutrals! You can’t go wrong and it keeps the focus on what really matters, the people!
nh newborn photographer
-Always can reschedule for a sick child. I have two little boys so I know how often kiddos get sick!
-I have spots that I love for on location sessions! My studio most! Also, sometimes at home is nice because the kids feel the most comfortable, but it depends on your landscaping. Searles Castle is gorgeous but the availability is limited. My parents lake house is another favorite!
-BEST time of day to shoot outside is an hour before sunset, absolutely! It can be hard to fit into the schedule… but it’s worth it! How beautiful is the light in the engagement session below?? Backlit photos are always gorgeous, sun flare is fun, open shade is easy to find (bottom left) and the sun is so much lower in the sky so even sun facing the subject is doable (bottom right). Mid-day light is squinting and gross shadows!
nh fall engagement photography

Nanneth How do you educate yourself to take better pictures?
I obsess over catalogs, magazine ads, magazine pages and always try to figure out the set and lighting. I have pages ripped out of catalogs and magazines all over my office! I also am part of a couple amazing photography groups and I literally learn something new every single week!
Check out some of the inspiration board from pages I’ve taken out of magazines!
inspiration magazine

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