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Portrait Q&A Windham NH Photographer 5th Edition

Another Q&A Tuesday!

Alexis-How do you make a boudoir session comfortable?
Boudoir sessions are a lot of fun!! There is a lot of planning that goes into it, figure out what style, what the final results should be (album? calendar?) I always start off with the fun ones (tanks & boy shorts, jerseys etc.) and then take it from there. I don’t like boudoir pictures that push it too far, I like just enough so I think that helps with everyone’s comfort level. A little champagne never hurts either! I just wish I could show off more of my boudoir work. There are some images that I am so proud of, but understandably not many are comfortable sharing! This session was absolutely amazing!
nhboudoirphotographer copy

Nicole-Obviously love your style. Your ability to truly capture a family and their personality is what really stands out. Through our newborn and family shoot, that is what we heard the most… People loved that it was “us” and not staged or unnatural. My question for you would be: when we are not able to take advantage of a mini shoot or session with you, when we are trying to capture photos on a daily basis, what do you as a photographer “look for”, is it lighting, is it time of day? I take hundreds of pictures and will never have shots as great as yours but if you could share a few tips in terms of your craft and style what would it be? We will always take advantage if your work but an occasional insiders tip regardless of camera type would be spectacular!!!
LOVE this question! Every single day I see a picture on Facebook and think “NOT IN FRONT OF THE WINDOW!!”. There are so many things that make a good/bad picture, but I truly believe that one the most important is lighting! Backlit images are gorgeous, my favorite actually, but trying to do that with an iPhone just doesn’t make sense. AND I know most people taking these pictures aren’t even trying for the backlight, they are thinking “Oh stand in front of the window, it’s pretty outside”. Take your pictures with the window light facing the subject, otherwise the camera will expose for the brightest spot, with window and your beautiful model will be under exposed and yucky. If you want to take a picture of a view, do that, if you want to take a picture of a person, find the light and make the background work for you!
In my example below you’ll see the different exposures from each image. I took these at the airport and wanted to get the “scene”. The last is Nick looking out the window, but the light facing him rather than behind him. Also from this series you’ll see another tip, take LOTS of images! This is why I have 1900 on my iPhone… and also why most pictures are of my little guy! My husband and 4yo have learned to hide when I start taking pictures!

Caitie- If I don’t know gender of our baby, do you have different newborn props/accessories for each sex that we could use in our shoot?
Yes! With all newborn sessions I love neutrals so it makes the gender aspect easy! I’ve found that a lot of pink, blue or even yellow, reflects in the skin tone. A blue blanket can make for a blue baby, no thanks! I also steer away from props. When I started props were “it”. Everyone wanted a baby in a bucket! Now it just seems so dated and cheesy to me. I want something that will stand the test of time, the details (toes, nose, hair, chubby cheeks!) and connection is always most important for me. I love the connection between mom & dad & baby, no props needed for that!
NH Newborn Photographer Neutral

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