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In January I started doing monthly photo sessions of MY kids! I figured since every week I was giving another family tangible memories, I should do the same for my family right? I’ve been posting to Facebook but now with the blog I can share them here. This month was Mommy & Me. The amazing Savannah was our photographer today at the studio and I am forever thankful for these pictures with my boys!


I’m so glad that we did this for many reasons but professionally it was great because it helped to to feel what all of these mama’s are feeling during their sessions. Don’t be fooled by the sweetness of these images… it was a lot of work! Nick, my ALWAYS sweet and smiley little guy, hated every second of this, wouldn’t smile, wouldn’t even sit where we wanted him to, he didn’t even smile when I tickled him, unbelievable! Luckily a couple of our tricks works and we got some smirks. Jason was running around like a wild man and wanted to be the star of the show and the boss (as usual). I even bribed them with snacks, which is something I never want parents to do (food in mouth/teeth and they always want more!). Savannah and I were both sweating by the end… but it was worth it. When my boys look at these 20 years from now, all they will know is that their mommy was completely in love with them!
Thank you Savannah!

  • S - I love every one of these! Such great shots of everyone! Thanks for posting and thanks to Savannah….you made 3 gorgeous people even more gorgeous!!!ReplyCancel

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