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Portrait Q&A | 6th Edition | Windham NH Photographer

Alexa-How far will you travel?
I’ll travel around the world…if you pay me, ha! There is a travel fee outside of 35 miles of Windham NH. I do mini-sessions at locations in Mass and NH to try to meet some longtime clients. With the studio and two small children I try not to travel as much because I love shooting in the studio and because a one hour shoot can turn into three hours when I have to travel.

Sarah-What to wear and what not to wear! Lots of pictures with examples and ideas for families and large groups would be helpful. Can’t begin to tell you how much I stressed out about this before our sessions!
Great idea! I’m going to do a blog post about my favorite outfits of 2013. Basically I love neutrals! Think grays, creams, tans, whites, faded colors, nothing that will distract from the picture. No black & white. I find that plain cotton can look dull and doesn’t photograph well, but textures are great! Lace, sweaters, even small ruffles! Because I like light and airy images, most of my backgrounds are light so even though most people think black is slimming it can actually make you look larger against a light background.
Here is a Pinterest board from my Mommy & Me Sessions to help give the mamas some inspirationScreen Shot 2014-05-06 at 10.22.51 PM

Kelly-I recently read a blog from a photographer on the importance of allowing the professional who was hired to capture these special moments for the said occassion to their job. From a guest’s standpoint (as I find myself a guest more often than a host) her feedback was helpful, but even more helpful were the shots she shared where editing was virtually impossible. I have the utmost respect for not only the artistic ability of photographers but also for the fact that they’re there to capture these moments in time to stand still forever. I suppose this is more of a subject/content suggestion than a piece to use in your about me section, but I’m sure you have a ton of pictures you could choose from to show how your work is impacted by guests. Good luck–hope this helps!

Absolutely have an opinion on this! Let’s just say at EVERY WEDDING someone steps in front of me during the recessional or processional. I understand, b/c when I’m a wedding guest I want to get that shot, but I’m aware of it, I don’t step in the aisle, I don’t stand directly next to the photographer or use my flash. A guests flash can completely ruin a great picture! This is the time we live in though, so it’s always fun to get a picture of everyone else getting the picture! A couple years ago it wasn’t as bad, but then it made me furious when someone stepped in front of me and made me miss a moment, but at this point its just part of the day! No way around it! In the shot below there are 7 cameras/phones trying to get “the shot”, but luckily none of them stepped into the aisle.
More important to me is parents of the bride/groom, put your camera down please. Not only b/c in my pictures you will be holding a camera, walking down the aisle with it etc. but because you’re missing it. You’re thinking about the picture NOT the moment. Enjoy it! Let the person being paid to get those pictures, get them.

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