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Portrait Q&A | NH Portrait Photographer |7th Edition

Amanda-What has been your funniest/scariest/best/worst experiences on a shoot? Are you involved with the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep program?
I can’t believe how much this question stumped me! I think I’m too into getting the picture that I don’t get the emotions! I guess one that sticks out was a session with two little kids and one parent. I was taking pictures of one of the children and the other ran towards the street. I was focused on the camera and so was the parent. I now tell parents that if my eyes are on the subject, keep your eyes on the other child. Best experiences are always when I know I got the picture that will make parents cry. That’s my goal! Make parents so in love with their little family that they get emotional!
NILMDTS, I’ve been on a couple shoots with the woman I mentored with but it was before I had my own babies. I’ve often thought of getting involved. I think now that my baby isn’t so much of a baby it would be easier and I feel guilty and a little selfish that I haven’t to be honest. Its such an amazing project and I hope a gift to parents. You’ve inspired me to look into this Amanda (and S).
Recently I photographed a wonderful woman at the end of her battle with cancer and the photos were used at her celebration of life a couple weeks ago. Obviously I’m a little biased but what I love about photography is the tangible memories it gives to us. These little girls might not remember a lot about their sweet grandmother but they will see these pictures and many others, that will let them know how much love their grandmother had for them.

Leigh- Why you chose this profession?
I actually never made a conscious decision to be a wedding & portrait photographer, I was lucky! I went to photography school with no goals and ended up here. Every year I keep setting new goals and changing direction with my career so I just go with the flow and follow where photography takes me. I answered this a little more in depth in this post

Julie-My son is extremely shy and gets nervous in situations where the spot light is on him. What are different techniques you have found that works with a child who is shy, has colic, or special needs?
You know what’s amazing, I never knew he was shy! I think not knowing their personalities helps a little bit b/c I’m not thinking “he’s shy” I’m thinking “I want him to like me, when he likes me he will smile”. I find that if I just keep moving, talking, following and letting them get to know me, they will start to feel comfortable. I also like to find out in advance what they are into, so if your son loves Transformers and I ask him about Bumblebee, he thinks I’m cool, ha!
Sometimes I can tell I’m seconds away from getting a great smile or a laugh and a parent will say “don’t smile like that, show your real smile” or something similar and then they are self-conscious! The fake smile usually leads to the real one if they don’t feel pressured. And unless they are in danger or going to break something, let them be a little bad, don’t yell if they kick a rock. Just ignore the “bad” behavior b/c sometimes those sneaky smiles are the best ones. I’m guilty of the same thing when my boys are being photographed, it’s so hard not to step in, but I bite my tongue (most of the time!).
Oh and my first baby was colicky, yelled at me for 4 months straight and it was the hardest time of my life. All I wanted to do was to make my sweet boy happy! Personally it was torture, professionally what a blessing! That’s why I love calming babies so much, when I see I crying baby it’s like a challenge to the mommy in me! A lot of newborn sessions are with first time parents and I know I had no idea what I was doing the first couple weeks so I am usually pretty good at showing some tricks and tips to calm their little ones. I have been called the baby whisperer once or twice and it’s the best compliment-makes me feel like those 4 months were just my little guy preparing me to be a better photographer!

Kelly-What has been your favorite Rebekah Kay session you have ever photographed?
I thought about this a lot and then remembered one of my favorite quotes: “Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.” Imogen Cunningham.
I believe that! My brain is always trying to think of what awesome picture I can get at the next session. I took the shot below yesterday and it’s not one of the standard images I get at a newborn session, but I love it and I can’t wait to do it again!

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