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Personal: June | Aubrey’s Baptism

A couple of years ago I stopped bringing my camera to things I was invited to like showers, birthday parties, weddings etc. It was just too hard to turn off my “work” brain and enjoy all the moments. If my camera is there I am looking for a good picture and my emotions are off and of course I can’t just take the pictures and post to Facebook when I get home like a normal person. I want to cull/sort/compare/edit and once that all starts, it’s work (for free!). Savannah actually sent me a message when I was just on vacation because she thought I forgot my camera at the studio, but I didn’t forget, I just didn’t want it! I knew I missed some amazing photo moments in Aruba… but I didn’t actually miss those moments; I enjoyed them.
Yesterday I broke my rule and took my camera to the baptism of my sweet little niece Aubrey. I hadn’t taken my monthly personal pictures yet so it was perfect (just like Aubrey!)
The best part about the baptism was that Nate & Amanda had to get married again! They didn’t get married in a Catholic church so they needed to before Aubrey could be baptized. Before their wedding in 2011, they got married by a judge, so this was their 3rd wedding AND I think the most inspiring words yet!

  • Nate - Thanks for breaking your rule! These are so amazing and mean even more coming from you. No one could capture our family better!ReplyCancel

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