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Personal: July | Lake Life

I’m pretty sure when my children think of their childhood that this is the place that will come to mind. We call it “Camp Nana” and it’s no wonder they never want to leave! It’s like a dream come true for little boys! There’s fishing, jumping, swimming, sliding, milkshakes, smores, cousins, tractors, swings, and most important two of the most amazing grandparents in the world. Some of my boys best memories will be from their days on the lake with Nana & Boppa and everyday I am thankful for the love & life my parents have given all of us!

BigIslandPond_01This is the biggest fish Jason has ever caught and it just happened that I had my camera there!BigIslandPond_02BigIslandPond_03BigIslandPond_04Jason doesn’t like one tiny grain of sand touching him and Nick LOVES it! He just covers himself, rolls around, does push ups and most importantly throws it, and rocks and sticks and anything we let him.BigIslandPond_05BigIslandPond_06BigIslandPond_07BigIslandPond_08BigIslandPond_09BigIslandPond_10

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