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Kara & Scott | Boston Wedding Photographer

As you can see from these pictures, Kara and Scott’s wedding day was filled with love, laughter, amazing details, a completely stunning bride, a dress that made every woman there jealous and two people who are perfect for each other. So lucky to have been there to document it all…   Seriously, those shoes, that ring, that bag…Seaport-Boston-Wedding-Photo-01Seaport-Boston-Wedding-Photo-02Seaport-Boston-Wedding-Photo-03Seaport-Boston-Wedding-Photo-04Seaport-Boston-Wedding-Photo-05Seaport-Boston-Wedding-Photo-06Seaport-Boston-Wedding-Photo-07Seaport-Boston-Wedding-Photo-08Seaport-Boston-Wedding-Photo-09Seaport-Boston-Wedding-Photo-10Seaport-Boston-Wedding-Photo-11Seaport-Boston-Wedding-Photo-12Seaport-Boston-Wedding-Photo-13Seaport-Boston-Wedding-Photo-14Seaport-Boston-Wedding-Photo-15Seaport-Boston-Wedding-Photo-16Seaport-Boston-Wedding-Photo-17Seaport-Boston-Wedding-Photo-18Seaport-Boston-Wedding-Photo-19You know why I love this one so much? Notice anything about the room? It’s empty. Just K&S practicing their first dance. So sweet!Seaport-Boston-Wedding-Photo-20

Savannah amazes me more and more with each wedding. I can’t live without her! So many great images including this awesome ring shot! Seaport-Boston-Wedding-Photo-21Seaport-Boston-Wedding-Photo-22Seaport-Boston-Wedding-Photo-23The forecast called for 100% chance rain for the entire day, but somehow not even a drop fell until the cocktail hour started! It was amazing. I had planned umbrella shots, puddle reflections, indoor formals, but instead we had a beautiful day and awesome photos outside. After the crazy and quick storm we went back outside to get a couple “puddle and reflection” images so I could check them off my list. So glad we did! Seaport-Boston-Wedding-Photo-24Seaport-Boston-Wedding-Photo-25Seaport-Boston-Wedding-Photo-27Seaport-Boston-Wedding-Photo-28Seaport-Boston-Wedding-Photo-29Seaport-Boston-Wedding-Photo-30Familiar faces? I photographed all of their weddings. I’m a lucky lucky girl!! Seaport-Boston-Wedding-Photo-31

  • Caitie - Every time I see your photos I’m amazed. But they are somehow even more beautiful when the subjects are people I care so much about!! You captured Kara’s classic beauty perfectly. What a gift you have!ReplyCancel

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